Every Dawg Counts

Thank you, Bulldogs! We appreciate everyone who contributed and will soon report back on the final results.

Although Giving Week is over, you can still support the University of Georgia by making your gift.

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New Donor Challenge

Over 650 donors had their Giving Week donation matched for a total of $80,000! These gifts will benefit all areas of UGA and advance our mission of removing barriers, opening doors and solving grand challenges.

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Individuals who have not made a gift to UGA since July 1, 2020 who donate during Giving Week will have their donation (up to $1,000) matched by the University of Georgia Foundation to a total of $80,000.

Young Alumni Challenge

Calling all recent grads! If you graduated in the last ten years, we’ll match your gift during Giving Week.

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UGA alumni who received their undergraduate degree in 2011 or later and who donate during Giving Week will have their donation (up to $1,000) matched by the University of Georgia Foundation to a total of $25,000.

Philanthropist of the Day

Every gift counts—especially now. Make a gift of any amount this week for the chance to choose where to give $1,000

  • Philanthropist for a Day Kaycee Cash

    Kaycee Cash (DVM '19) gave to the College of Veterinary Medicine Support Fund.

  • Philanthropist for a Day Marques Dexter

    Marques Dexter (MS '09) gave to the Institutional Diversity Support Fund.

Each day from Monday, April 19 through Friday, April 23, two Giving Week donors will be randomly selected to decide what area on campus will receive $1,000 from the University of Georgia Foundation. To be eligible, donors must submit at least one social media handle when making their gift.

Diversity Fund Challenge

Thank you to all of our donors supporting diversity, equity, and inclusion at UGA! Your generosity has unlocked an additional $15,000 towards the Black Alumni Scholarship Fund.

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100 gifts made during Giving Week to diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts on campus will unlock a $15,000 grant from the University of Georgia Foundation to the Black Alumni Scholarship Fund. View a list of eligible funds and make your gift!

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Donors per State

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Board Participation

Alumni and volunteer board members from all corners of campus are stepping up to support their causes! Boards that reach 100% participation from their members during Giving Week will unlock an additional $1,000 from the UGA Foundation towards their school, college, or area.

  • ◻ Lamar Dodd
  • ◼ CAES
  • ◻ CED
  • ◼ Public Health
  • ◼ Vet Med
  • ◻ Engineering
  • ◻ FACS
  • ◼ Franklin
  • ◻ Grady
  • ◻ Law
  • ◻ Pharmacy
  • ◻ SPIA
  • ◼ Social Work
  • ◻ Terry
  • ◻ Warnell
  • ◼ Redcoats

Give a Gift, Get a Gift

All donors will receive a set of vintage embroidered stickers as well as 20% off at the UGA Bookstore.